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About Us


Better movement, better living.

Everyone should have the ability and the knowledge to improve their mobility and posture.

Improved mobility gives improved performance, improved health, less risk of injury.

We want to create a software that makes the journey easy, pain-free and rewarding.



Although we humans come in all shapes and sizes, there are fundamental movements that we perform and learn since young, and for which the CORRECT mechanics are pretty much the same. These include squats, lunges, balancing on one leg, rotating your trunk, among many others. However many people these days, whether young or old, can not perform these movements correctly. Also having our asses glued to chairs and heads poking at phones are not helping either.

In 2012 Oskar realized he had an opportunity to help these people, including himself by creating a software that can give the roadmap to better posture and movement. The Beta version of Move Correctly was launched in Singapore in 2013 and we landed five B2B customers. However as sometimes these stories go we ran out runway then.

Now we are preparing the second version of Move Correctly for the US market, with a target launch in Q1 2017.


Built by professionals, just for you.

Oskar Hurme

IT project manager with 12+ years experience in leading complex global IT projects. Athlete and entrepreneur with work and life experience in Europe, Asia and the US. Currently based in Gainesville, Florida.

Will Kalla

Dr Chiropractic, human movements expert with 10+ years experience running his own practice ( and training athletes.

Julien deSalaberry

Regional head and GM. 20+ years in healthcare with leading co’s e.g. Merck. Advisor to and private investor in healthcare and technology start ups.