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July 17, 2016

Dysfunctional movement? Start to Move Correctly!


Surely all of you know of someone, perhaps yourself, who trains pretty hard and wants to see progress and results. However due to our largely seated lifestyles progress can be hard to come by. This is one of the founding reasons for Move Correctly – and in this introductory blog post, we find out directly from Move Correctly’s CEO, Oskar Hurme, how and why he cares so deeply for your wellness.
Question: Hi Oskar, why not tell us what Move Correctly is?

Oskar:   Move Correctly is developing a posture and movement assessment software based on the Kinect skeletal tracking system. We aim to help personal trainers and wellness professionals provide better service and improve their client well-being. Our system assesses the users posture and movement patterns and provides corrective recommendations which the professional can customize and review together with the client. It enables the professional to show in clear, quantitative measures the quality of the clients posture and mobility – leading to better customer satisfaction and motivation.


Question: What got you interested in posture and movement patterns?

Oskar:   At the end of 2007 I moved to the US and I gained about 5 kilos in 5 months. When I realized what had happened – I bought some weights, and started lifting in my garage. I noticed soon that years of crouching over a laptop had screwed up my mobility. I’d spend half an hour trying to get warmed up enough to be able to squat – and then still struggle to hit parallel depth (thighs parallel to ground). I started reading up on mobility, soft tissue work and movement screens. Eventually I met Dr. Will Kalla in Singapore in 2012, and the idea for Move Correctly was conceived.


Question: Why the Kinect?

Oskar:   The Kinect is the leading ‘markerless’ movement tracking tool, in a very affordable package. The skeletal tracking algorithm and the constantly improving software development kit (SDK) have led to the success of the Kinect. Microsoft released the Kinect 2 in 2014, and our second version is now based on the Kinect 2, and we are confident that Microsoft will continue investing in the skeletal tracking algorithm and Kinect hardware. The Kinect is very easy to use, and people trust the Microsoft brand.


Question: Why do you have confidence in the technology Move Correctly is developing?

Oskar:   First – we are developing a unique software in that we can do both posture and movement assessment in one solution – which has applications in many fields. We are very focused on listening to our customers so we ensure we bring value to them.

Secondly, the problems of bad posture and mobility in society are going to get worse if we don’t come up with good solutions for it. We already see many young people with forward head posture likely due to the massive amounts of time they spend on their mobile phones. We have a great team of developers, advisors and contacts who can deliver, and provide the solutions many are looking for, but can not yet find.


Question: Who is this software aimed for?

This version of the software is aimed for e.g a physical therapist, chiropractor or personal trainer who wants a quick and reliable way to capture their clients posture AND movement. The software records the movement in 3D, suggesting also corrective recommendations, however in the end it’s the professional who finishes up the report, and walks it through with the client.


Question: Where can people find out more about Move Correctly?

Either here on our website, our facebook page or directly on the contact page. Thanks!