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April 01, 2017

My overhead squat sucks

Hi there,

Ever since I started working out in 2008, and especially since Will Kalla did the Overhead Squat (OHS) assessment in the FMS on me (back in 2012) I’ve known that my overhead squat sucks.


Yes, I have long femurs (I’m 6’2″) and I’ve spent too much time sitting on my ass, however it does not justify the fact that my un-warmed up OHS still is quite horrific. I know that fixing these issues would allow me to lift more safely, lift better and likely even feel better.

These were capture with the new Move Correctly version, the report for this portion looking like this:


20170228at10-05-09_OskarO_254_OverheadSquat1_GrayscaleR_video 20170228at10-05-09_OskarO_254_OverheadSquat1_video

A) Sagittal score 2 out of 5 means there’s way too much forward lean – due to tight lats, hip flexors etc

B) Vertical score 4 out of 5 means that I’m not hitting full depth in the squat – due to tight hamstrings, ankle/calf mobility etc


The key items in the report to correct are:




Bottom-line is: now that I have the instruction to go fix these issues, the key question becomes – will I do it? So this is a public record that I will update this blog post within two months from now, and show you the improvement I’ve made. It’s been too long coming.

Thanks for reading,